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Nov 06

Although the major share of GN products are used for oil and gas industry, GN Solids Control also occupies the first place in market share in HDD, CBM ,TBM and Loop Zero Discharge System. And among all GN HDD mud recycling systems, the 500 GPM capacity is the most popular among the users.
Picture below is one set of GNMS 500GL HDD System for a jobsite inside China, this is the 3rd project this system is used to serve and GN Solids Control sent engineer to jobsite help to re-set up of the system.

GNMS series mud recycling system is high standard configuration of GN mud recycling systems, they are perfect solution for HDD projects because:
1. GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker is a mature design of GN Solids Control, it use 3 pcs of shaker screens and the screen area is 2.63 cbm. Same as all the GN Shale Shakers, GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker uses the patented technology for the deck sealing in order to prevent leaking of liquid. Shaker deck frame is Stainless steel to have stronger structure for a longer service life. Unless its peer model GNZS703E-HB which is designed for oil and gas solids control system, this model of shale shaker is suitable for get fed via a submersible slurry pump from a mud pit. It is designed especially for the HDD projects.
2. GNZS-703E 1S8N mud cleaner is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd separation steps with desander cone and desilter cones, and the shaker below is used as a under shaker for both desander and desilter cones. GN choose polyurethane cyclones as the desander and desilter cones, more wear proof and longer service life than the metal material ones.
3. As high configuration of GN mud recycling systems, GNMS 500 GL has mixing hopper and mixing pumps for adding new chemicals into the well cleaned drilling mud after recycled. And this 500 GPM system has a larger storage capacity comparing with the standard GNMS 500G system.

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Jul 20

GN solids control ,a specialised mud system manufacture for oil&gas drilling,HDD&CBM drilling,water well drilling .till now our water well drilling mud system have been working in Mongolia,Libya Susan and some South Asia market.

An Overview on Drilling Operations in Sudan

Water Wells Drilling background:

Seasonal shallow wells in alluvial sediments deposited along the seasonal streams courses locally known as Jamam/ Meshish providing very limited water.

Hand dug wells lined with bricks and stones are oldest well known water technique.

The first deep borehole in Sudan was drilled in 1919 at Um Ruwaba using a steam driver percussion rig.

Rotary drilling rigs were introduced in early fifth of last century. Down the hole hammer rigs (DHH) were introduced by Unicef in 1978 for drilling of slim boreholes .

Water well mud system

Water well mud system

Drilling systems in Sudan:

A. Down The Hole drilling using air drilling system.

B. Rotary drilling system using liquids – mainly bentonite. 

C. Percussion drilling system.

D. Manual digging using experiences of local skilled people.



GN supplied a lot of mud system for water well drilling, and the first one is exported to Mongolia, while the customer checked our system performance and indicate their sub-company in Mongolia to purchase from GN. Then we exported Water well drilling mud recycling system to Mongolia, and Water well drilling mud cleaning and mixing unit to Mongolia, Then exported Two Unit 200GPM Mud Recycling System Delivery to Australia

Today another system to Mongolia are ready. This system contains our new small shaker, MINI cleaner, and jet mud mixing system.·

 The drilling of water wells improved over the last two years, which indicating better investment, funding and improving sector drilling capacities.

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Jun 07

500GPM mud system is the best seller for GN due to its flexibility,normally for 750hp drilling rig,high configuration can be used for 1000hp drilling rig,low configuration can be used for 550hp or even HDD drilling mud recycling.

The GN Standard 500GPM mud system as below:

  • 1) One 40Ft size Container Plus Mixing pumps,Hoppers,Agitators.
  • 3) Mud Cleaner with 1 ten inch desander 8 four inch desilter.
  • solids control system

One advantage of GN Solids is that we manufacture all major equipments for the mud system, and configure it to be a complete system.GN complete line Solids Control System for HDD and CBM including: 150GPM,350GPM,500GPM,and 1000GPM.

GN 500GPM Solids Control System is one of the most popular mud system package of GN to Australia,Up to now,we have supplied around 20 units complete mud system to Australia for oil gas drilling,CBM drilling, or HDD.
By partnering with a Germany Drilling Rig Company in Brisbance,it allows us to keep stock of GN Solids Control equipment and spares to servce the customers for GN Solids Australia.Learn more at GN Solids Australia.

drilling mud cleaner

GN is one of the very few companies who understand the Australia Regulations for safty(HSE) and electric standard.

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Mar 15

What is trailer mounted mud system?

Solids control system or mud recycling system mounted on a trailer to realise easy transportantion from one drilling site to another.Including shale shaker ,desander,desilter,mud agitator,mud guns,mud tank ,lighting and electric control system.The main difference between ordinary mud system is trailer mounted while others are skid mounted.

Trailer mounted mud system

Trailer mounted mud system

What need to pay attention to when building a trailer mounted mud system?

1In some countries ,such as Austrailia ,has strict regulation on trailer ,has to be licensed and resisterd ,built according to Australia standard.

 2.Most countries have road limitations for trailer mud system,especially height and width ,such as height 5m ,wideth 3m.

GN solids control built a trailer mounted mud system for 2013CIPPE show ,including a 14m length tank ,shale shaker ,mud cleaner,centrifugal pump and mud agitator.Besides that also a trailer mounted drilling waste management system,including 14inch decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.We can also make containerized drilling waste management system ,which has already exported to Russia and Argentina .

Containerized drilling waste management system

Containerized drilling waste management system

GN equipments have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world ,you can find GN equipments working in USA,Australia,South Asia,Middle east Africa,South America,and Russia.

If you are intrerested ,we can take you to the jobsite to check our equipment ,and welcome you to visit our factory near Beijing.

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May 05

System general information

This solids control system including one tank mounted with 1) Shale shaker, 2) Mud cleaner, 3) Mud agitator, 4) Centrifugal pump, 5) Mud mixing pumpetc. Combined drilling mud recycling, mixing and storage as complete solids control system for small well drilling rig

GN500GPM Mud sytem detailed information

1)Handing Capacity: Up to 550 Usgpm (2080 litres/min) for total system

2)3 Phase Cleaning: With 2.6㎡ first phase shaker, and 2×8″ Desander cone, 8x4inch Desilter cone. With 2.6㎡ drying screen for mud cleaner. Specifically for high solids content and fine solids.

3)Cut Point: Designed to achieve a cut point of 16 microns

4)Transport Dimensions:  Mud Tank With Attachment: 9000L x 2400W x 4300H (Tank folded for transport,walks ,hand rail holded on tank)  Shaker dimention: 2.45m X 2m X 1.7m  Mud Cleaner Dimention: 2.45m X 2m X 2.5m  This design and dimension provide more convenience for transportation and handling

5)Capacity: Total storage capacity 4500Gallons,Dirty mud:1700Gallons,Clean mud:2800Gallons.

6)Power: Explosion proof for all the motors and control panel.Integral control panel for all electrical functions.   Total power for all equipments:188kva,genertor Recommended:≥210kva

7)Sea Transport: Two 40feet Container for all items and remaining space for spare parts.

8)Mixing Function: High speed continuous mixing facility incorporated.

9)Integral charge pump to supply clean mud back to the drilling rig.

10)Mud mixing in cleaning mud compartment(Mixing Compartment) with 7.5kw mud agitator.

GN500GPM rig solids control system for sale

GN500GPM rig solids control system for sale

GN500 GPM mud system sales point

Cleaning Tank is divided into 3 compartment,1# Shaker compartment,2# De-sander compartment,3# Mixing compartment.

1)Continues feeding of dirty slurry from mud pit to Shale Shaker. The 100YZ100-30 Submersible slurry pump feed slurry from mud pit to GNZS70-3 Shale Shaker at capacity of 615 GPM .Slurry pump is made from Cr26 Abrasion resistant
Alloy which allow users to pump high solids content fluids.

2)Pre-screening of the returned mud using GNZS70-3 Shale Shaker.This shaker can handle a throughput of more then 615 USgpm and is designed to remove particles down to 250 microns(60mesh), 7G force linear motion GNZS70-3 Shale Shaker with big screen area(2.6㎡) especially using frame pyramid screen treating capacity increased which allows user to use big mesh size for fine solids, and decrease the solids content and reduce solids load for Mud cleaner.

3)Secondary and third cleaning of the returned mud using a GNZJ70-3 (8″x2 + 4″ x8) Mud Cleaner.1# SB5×4-14 Centrifugal pump feed mud from 1# Shaker compartment to feed 8″x2 de-sander cones, where the particles larger than 50 microns are separated out by centrifugal force from desander cone nipple, and get down to GNZJ70-3 mud cleaner bottom shaker with a finer screen(150/200mesh) which again produces a virtually dry product. Major fluids with particle size less than 50microns goes to 2# De-sander compartment. This is the 2nd phase solids control.

2# SB5x4-14 Centrifugal pump suck mud from 2# desander compartment and feed to 4″x8 desilter cones. where the particles larger then 16 microns are separated out by centrifugal force from desilter cone nipple,and get down to GNZJ70-3 mud cleaner bottom shaker with a finer screen, which again produces a virtually dry product. Major fluids with particle size less then 16 microns goes to

3# Mixing compartment. This is the 3rd phase solids control.

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