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May 21

In this article, we mainly introduce the Economic Mud Recycling System manufactured by GN.


As the leader and top manufacture of solid-liquid separation equipments and drilling waste management, the economic customized mud recycling system is also 1 of GN’s core products.

As we know, the solid-liquid separation equipments or mud recycling systems are not only widely used in the Oil & Gas Drilling, there are many other industries or application fields that they also need to use, such as the HDD (horizontal directional drilling), Trenchless Crossing, Bore Piling, Shield Construction, Mining, Industrial Waste Management, etc.


For its application in these industries, the required treatment capacity or system size will be small, GN can make the economic mud recycling systems according customer requirements.


Like showed in below pictures,

  1. These small mud recycling systems can meet the actual work needs, meanwhile they have small size, compact structure and cost-effective;


  1. It is also customized, according to the actual need, GN can make the corresponding adjustment with the structure and configuration.


  1. There are 3 typical models of economic mud recycling system. They are


3.1) GNMS-200D, 200GPM’s treatment capacity;

3.2) GNMS-500D, 500GPM’s treatment capacity;

3.2) GNMS-1000D, 1000GPM’s treatment capacity;


  1. Main Application Fields: Bored Pile Project, Micro Tunnel Construction, Trenchless HDD project, Diamond Drilling, Waste Well Drilling, etc.



  1. Main Equipments: Double-deck Shaker, Desander, Centrifugal Pump, Mud Tank, etc.


  1. Main Working Principle:

Through slurry pump, the mud moves from the pit to the shaker and drops on the bottom layer screen. The 1st-stage separation will screen out the big solid particles and the liquid drop into the mud tank.


The centrifugal pump will pump the mud from the tank and goes into the desander, the desander will make the 2nd-stage separation. The discharged solid particles from the desander will drop on the upper layer screen to be further dryed and finally be discharged; the cleaned mud will be recycled and put into use.



Finally, Welcome to contact us for any need about the equipments or system, GN can make the customized solution for you.



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