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Nov 03

GN produce spare screens for MI-Swaco Mongoose shale shaker.

There are two kinds of designs for Mongoose PT screen.

One is Metal frame screen, which are constructed of multiple components: support plate, steel frame and gasket.

The other one is DURAFLO composite screen, which is Patented, composite frame design, Featuring a patented, composite frame design that holds up under virtually all drilling conditions, the screen delivers unsurpassed usable screen area. DURAFLO screens are available with HC, Ultra-Fine (XL) and XR MESH, giving operators maximum screening flexibility.

Swaco BEM-600 & BEM-650 shaker takes composite frame designed screens. the soft gasket that is molded into the composite frame so that it cannot separate during operations.

Compared with conventional metal frame screen, composite frame screen has longer service life,Resistant to fluids that shorten metal-frame-screen life, Lower screen-replacement costs, Does not rust or delaminate, Quick and easy to repair.

Swaco Mongoose shale shaker spare screen

Swaco Mongoose shale shaker spare screen

We also produce shale shaker with GN brand, but its structure is different with Swaco Mongoose shale shaker, so the spare parts can not be replaced. Usually spare parts for

GN shale shaker including the following items:

1 Spare screens: 830x1080mm (pyramid screen available) or 635x1253mm( replacement screen of Nov-Brandt Cobra shaker)

2 Damping spring

3 Tension bolt assembly( depends on models)

4 Rubber strip

5 Vibrating motor

GN use Italy Oli vibtating motor for the shale shaker, The vibrating motor is MVE-series Electric External vibrator motors.

Oli Vibrator Motor Specs:

Insulation Class: H-level subject, wiring chamber Class F
Protection class: dustproof and waterproof (IP65)
Working environment: Altitude does not exceed 1000m, -20 ~ +40 ℃
Duty: Continuous (S1)
Exciting force adjustment: 0 ~ rated exciting force, can achieve the stepless adjustment
Exciting force: 0 ~ 3500 kg
Certification: ExdⅡBT4

Contact GN for Swaco Mongoose shaker spare parts.

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8 Responses to “Swaco Mongoose shale shaker spare parts”

  1. 1. William Groome Says:

    can you please send me a parts list for swaco mongoose shakers in particular the electrical parts and motor parts. I require balance weight covers,bearings, switches and timer relay numbers but all would be helpful.
    Thank you.
    Bill Groome

  2. 2. rig14mechanic Says:

    mi swaco shale shaker mongoose manual parts book

  3. 3. Mike Sasser Says:

    Could You Please Send me A Parts List For Swaco Mongoose Shakers, Mechanical And Electrical. P/N 9672300-03M.

  4. 4. akhil Says:

    plz send me the part no book of mongoose shale shaker. importantly i need the rubber strips and spring spool rubbers.
    to akhilk.ak47a2gmail.com

  5. 5. MILAD Says:

    good day
    we need urgent composite frame mongoose shale shaker 50 qty
    submit commercial & technical offers for us,please
    best regrards

  6. 6. Jessica Says:

    Item Qty


    SWACO\306170\MONGOOSE PT. 2pcs
    SWACO\306144\MONGOOSE PT. 2pcs

    Hood of Motor

  7. 7. GN Desander Desilter Says:

    Sorry, we don’t manufacture the hood of motor

  8. 8. GN Desander Desilter Says:

    which market are you from

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