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Dec 09

GN solids control provide sales and service for the following :

Oil & Gas well drilling mud solids control system, equipment ,and spare parts.HDD & Underground mud recycling system ,equipment and spare parts, Industrial & mining, slurry separation system, equipment and spare parts.

solids separation equipment

solids separation equipment

Every day we received many inquiries from worldwide clients who are interested in solids separation equipments, quote and provide the most useful information to help client making a correct decision.

Listing some of their common questions .

1 If we provide part number and descriptions for popular brand equipments, if GN can make replacement one? For example, Mission Pump spare parts, Derrick hydrocyclone ( 4” cone and 10”cone), spring, rubber and shaker screen of Derrick Flo-Line shaker, Swaco Mongoose PT shaker spare parts, Brandt Cobra shaker spare parts, etc.

GN only produce our own brand equipments, so we can only provide spare parts for GN equipments, they can not replace for other brand equipment, even though they looked similar, they still have difference in structure.

2 If GN can produce similar shale shaker with other brand?  

For example, Swaco Mongoose PT shaker, which has 2 kinds of vibrating motion , linear and balanced elliptical motion.

Can not at present, we have BEM shaker or Linear motion shaker, but can not combine them together in one machine. Maybe in the future, we will research new one to replace it.

For example, Dual deck shale shaker , which is combination of scalper(top deck) and bottom deck( fine screen), the benefit of 2 deck shale shaker is to increase the service life of bottom deck shaker screen, separate fine particles, to separate large solids(rocks) before entering into the real shaker.

Can not at present. We have tandem shale shaker which is combination of 2 sets of shale shaker, they are mounted in one skid, so it is convenient for transportation. Only a few clients need such top& bottom type 2 deck shaker, it is not popular trend in the market, so we did not have existing design. Commonly, even it is very large solids, you can still use GN shale shaker directly without any scalper.

3 If GN has equipments available in client’s countries, so we can go to the job site to see its performance?

It depends on. For example, we set up a new branch in Australia and willing to have some spare parts in stock there, it is convenient for Australia clients who bought our mud system already. Also we will establish a new agent in Egypt to develop our market.

For more questions, pls contact GN solids control.

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