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Jul 05


Recently, safety unit mud gas separator (poor boy degasser) and solids control unit decanter centrifuge was shipped to Canada market. GN solids America is a branch located in Houston which is an energy city. GN Solids America services the whole American, not only do the sales, but also provide the technical support for American. Canada is an important market for the GN Solids America

Mud Gas Separator2014.06.30 Poor Boy Degasser_副本_副本

It is utilized in rich-gas filed as the safe guard. Degasser circulates the drilling fluid by removing the dangerous gas. Hazardous gas will be sent to the vent line of separator and subsequently connected with flare Igniter to burn out. According to clients’ requirement, we fabricate the mini size the mud gas separator which take small space in the drilling site and effectively kick out the dangerous gas. It specialize in the small drilling site


Diamond Drilling Unit Decanter Centrifuge


Our GNLW223 Decanter Centrifuge has the specific design which is only 9inch lengthfor the diamond drilling company with the high speed, skid-mount and competitive price. It is widely applied by diamond Drilling site.


Also, we supply the shale shaker , mud cleaner, a variety of centrifuges, vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pump etc. Please contact with us if you are interested in our equipment.

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа