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Feb 18

Degasser type

Commonly, there will be poor boy degasser and vacuum degasser in drilling fluid solids control system. Especially in oil & gas well drilling. They are both useful to keep job site safe and make well drilling operation successfully.

As we know, “poor boy degasser” is our oral term. It should be called “mud gas separator”. Ye, it can separate quantities invaded gas from drilling fluids according to differential pressure between vessel inside and external environment while drilling.

Vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser

Poor boy degasser and vacuum degasser position design

Generally speaking, we treat poor boy degasser not only as solids control equipments but also as safety equipment in the drilling site. The poor boy degasser won’t be used all long time. Its position is ahead of Shale shaker. Since we must get rid of large quantities invaded gas to avoid blowout.

Regarding to the vacuum degasser, usually it isn’t used at the same time with poor boy degasser. It can only separate little quantity invaded gas. Vacuum degasser position is behind shale shaker and before mud cleaner or hydrocyclone desander, desilter. This will lead subsequent process more smooth and safe.

In fluid solids control system for oil & gas well drilling there will be various of configuration and design. However, the position for each equipment usually can not be changed.

Poor boy degasser

Poor boy degasser

Actually, each solids control equipment holding certain function and specific feature, presently the position design comes from long term improvement and practice. Also it is appreciated by users all over the world. If no accidence, the design on position won’t be amended

Degassers main specifications

The main specs we care are degassers treating capacity, the actual degassing efficiency, the gas flow rate, etc. For poor boy degasser, we can find clients pay more attention on “mud seal” or “mud leg”.

Usually, this is related with treating capacity and tank height.

Poor boy degasser must be anti-H2S. And it is vessel type equipment. Then the material should be 16MnR. This material is specific one for vessels. We should pay more attention since the safety issue is rather serious

For vacuum degasser, the treating capacity is more relative with main body diameter. Vacuum degasser holding two drive motor , then according to vacuum pressure principle, the gas will be separated out of drilling fluid. Then flow to next process with safety

O & G drilling degassers manufacturer

Including both poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser. Calculated USA Manufacturers and China manufacturers as following: Mi-Swaco, NOV Brandt, Derrick, GN Solids Control, Fluids system, etc. To select ideal proposal we need to consider professional ability, investment cost, reliable quality, and circumspect services. Find more information please contact GN for ideal content or proposal 

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