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Mar 09

Almost every kind of drilling will request drilling mud or drilling fluid as we call it. There will be drilling cuttings invade to drilling mud during drillings. So we need solids control or other drilling mud process on drilling fluids during well drilling or HDD. This will decrease much cost on drillings.

During solids control, centrifugal pump is mainly treated as power for transfering fluid from equipment to another, from one compartment to another one

Solids control system configuration

Usually, the solids control system is 4 phases. Including shale shaker, Desander, Desilter, or mud conditioner, then the decanter centrifuge. This configuration is considered as modular configuration. However, we also know, different clients have different requirements on certain drilling conditions, etc. So the system will be combined with standard equipments as optimal system for individual users

After knowing the solids control systems cocnfiguration, we’ll get how many centrifugal pumps we need. And in each specific system configuration centrifugal pump will have certain special applications


Centrifugal pump applications in system

1. Different centrifugal pumps

In solids control system or mud recycling system. There is usually two types centrifugal pump. Including vertical centrifugal pump mainly is subermsible slurry pump and horizontal pump.

If in HDD mud recycling system, there maybe submersible slurry pump to suck drilling mud from mud pit. Of cours, submersible slurry pump also can be treated as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or mud cleaners.

Solids Control Centrifugal Pump

Solids Control Centrifugal Pump

For majority solids control system, to feed desander, desilter and mud cleaner will use horizontal centrifugal pump. The applications is pump drilling fluid from one space to another. Make drilling mud having power to flow during serveral compartment and equipments

2. Detailed centrifugal pump applications

Take mud cleaner for example. The drilling mud after processed by shale shaker will drop down to shale shaker compartment, then we need to process it by mud cleaner. Firstly, centrifugal pump will transferr drilling fluid from this compartment to desander cones, after desander processing the mud drop down to desander compartment.

We need drilling mud more fine and high property. Then we come to desilter. At this time, centrifugal pump will pump drilling fluid to desilter cones. Then we’ll get relative clean mud without particles larger than 15 microns

In the solids control system, the pump provides power, pressure for transfering drilling mud. This will help hydrocyclone separate particles based on centrifugal separation principle


Other applications on centrifugal pump

Actually, centrifugal pump is widely used in many industries. Such as pump water, oil, slurry, drilling fluid as we talked above, etc.

To take advantages of centrifugal pump applications completely we need to understand well on process medium, the ambient working condition, etc. In solids conrol system, the centrifugal pump applications should take drilling mud property in consideration also

To know more details on centrifugal pump applications, you can come to GN. You’ll find according to optimize or selection on pumps will give you ideal solutions on drilling fluid solids control sytem

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