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Feb 15

GN Solids America LLC’s parent company, GN Solids Control LTD located near Beijing, China, is the solids control machinery manufacture who exports to sixty plus countries around the world’s oil and other drilling regions. With many other solids control machinery manufacture by GN Solids Control LTD, the GNSL series jet mud mixer is widely used paired with other solids control machinery and/or system.
GNSL series drilling fluid jet mud mixer’s purpose mixes the drilling fluid to many different add chemicals to change the density and viscosity of the drilling fluid. This drilling fluid machinery can meet the demand of the fluid weighting and mixing of drilling solids control system for many kinds of depth of drilling. Jet mud mixer structure contain of one centrifugal pump, one feeding hopper and the control panel (optional). Frankly, the pipes and valves connecting all these parts, the mud hopper use of the jet mud mixer is either 4“and 6” opening for additive chemicals.

GN Jet mud mixer

GN Jet mud mixer

The inner wall boundary, cavitation and erosion; swirl mixer pressure can’t bigger than 30% outlet pressure; the value of mixer should operate in flexible, able to seal and reliable; each hoop and flange joint should be properly sealed for reliable working order and don’t have leakage. It is integrated with Ventura hopper and mechanical seal, jet mixing pump which are connected with manifold valve.
The drilling fluid jet mud mixer can assist rig workers to get the ideal drilling fluid with good properties by adding bentonite clay, polymer and other chemical powder additives. The pump, hopper and the control panel all can be installed on a single skid, or on the skid at tank end or separately with the hopper on a tank top and the pump at tank side.



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