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Apr 09

Barite function in well drilling

Barite is a weighting material for drilling mud. When there is oil and gas well drilling we usually use drilling fluid and clay density as 25, wheil water is 1. So the drilling mud will have lower density. When drilling mud pressure is unballance with underground oil and gas pressure there will be blowout accident

If the underground pressure is higher, we need to weight the drilling mud. So we should add barite to increase drilling fluid density.

So, usually customer will call drilling mud recycling as barite recycling.


Small barite recycling unit

Nowadays, there is much development on various drilling we also need improvement on drilling mud solids control unit.  According to different users’ demand GN design following small barite recycling unit for convenient transportation and move

We take 200-300GPM barite recycling system for example. Please find following information

This unit configuration

This unit including desilter based on one shale shaker. One  mud tank mounted with jet mud mixer, also one feeding pump under the tilted compartment, then 1 set of mud agitator

Recycling system

Recycling system

Barite recycling equipments specification

The desilter separator is mounted on a GN852 shale shaker. It can be linear motion or BEM shaker. The desilter including four 4″ desilter cones. And the shaker screen can be 40mesh, 100mesh/120mesh to provide effective result and higher performance.

Mud tank size is 6×2.3×1.55m. The mud tank is designed for sea shipment by 40’GP and domestic transporation at user’s local job site. the mud mixing pump is mounted on the tank skid. The tank is self-cleaning type.

For the feeding pump of desilter, it can be 18.5KW when we have 50Hz electrical sytem, while 22KW for 60Hz voltage. Regarding to the mud agitator, it should be 5.5KW. This power is enough can also save much electricity input

Superiority on this barite recycling unit

1.  Convenient for move and transporation domestic and overseas

2.  Cost effective on investment

3. User friendly for operation

4. Compact and easy to clean mud tank

Why do we need to recycle barite

Since barite is rather important on weighting drilling mud. We need to test the drilling fluid regularly make sure the drilling fluid density is heavy enough .

During this process, the barite recycling unit is rather necessary to keep drilling mud property and performance. As we said, barite recycling is similar with drilling fluid recirculation. Barite is always mixed amoung drilling mud. We should do recirculation

More information on small barite recycling sytem

GN Solids Control is rather professional on drilling fluid solids control. We know clients’ demand we understand users’ wish and expectation. We also can design and manufacture modula system for other small unit. Such as 300-400GPM recycling unit, 400-500GPM, etc.

If you do need more information on this unit for sale. Or you have certain requirements on barite recycling unit please do not hesitate. Just toward to GN. You will get optimal proposal at economical price

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