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Dec 18

Slurry handling unit including slurry separation unit (slurry recycling unit) and slurry mixing unit.

Slurry recycling unit is to separate the impurities and large solids from the mud and get clean slurry to be re-used.

slurry handling unit

slurry handling unit

You use mechanical separation equipments for the slurry handling unit, Mechanical separation equipment employs mass differences, size differences or a combination of both to selectively reject undesirable solids and retain desirable drilling fluid.  The desanders and desilters utilize centrifuge force and mass difference between the solids density and liquid density for solids removal. The shale shakers employ a vibrating screen of various micron-sized differences.

Maybe you will adopt shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge for slurry separation unit.

Shale shaker

One method of removing solids from drilling mud is to pass the mud over the surface of a vibrating screen. Particles smaller than the openings in the screen pass through the holes of the screen along with the liquid phase of the mud. Particles too large to pass through the screen are thereby separated from the mud for disposal. Basically, a screen acts as a “go-no-go” gauge:  Either a particle is small enough to pass through the screen or it is not

Desander & desilter

Hydrocyclones are simple mechanical devices, without moving parts, designed to speed up the settling process. Feed pressure is transformed into centrifugal force inside the cyclone or cone to accelerate particle settling in accordance with Stoke’s Law #1. In essence, a cyclone is a miniature settling pit which alloys very rapid settling of solids under controlled conditions.

Desander desilter can separate particles from 15~75 microns.

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge can separate 5~7 microns. If you need to separate fine particles, high speed centrifuge 3200~4000rpm can be adopted.

GN solids control provide slurry handling unit for HDD and oil/gas drilling clients, we have designed more than 100 sets of customized slurry recycling unit and slurry mixing unit, welcome to contact us for more information.

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