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Jan 19

Shear pump is the pump that do shearing polymers and clays.  The purpose of this pump is to add improvement of the drilling properties, the polymers and clays need to be sheared in great details before add back of system of drill fluid.  The polymers might jam the strainer if not sheared.  If jamming happen, it will increase the cost of drilling and larger size solids in the drilling will be turn from soft to hard  and will be difficult to clear away. The velocity, or speed of the fluid flow at outside diameter of the rotor are higher than center of the rotor’s velocity.  it is the difference of the velocity that creates shear.

The main design factor is the diameter of the rotor and its turning speed. The distance between the rotor and the stator, the time in the mixer, and the number of the generators are consider factor. Variables include the number of rows of teeth, their angle, and the width of the openings between teeth.

Shear pump is proven for applying the high shear to necessary hydrate polymers and clays.  It reduces the bentonite clay and polymer.  It is also improve loss of fluid and cake filter and build strength of gel.  The low shear rate viscosity holds up solids better.  The dependable seal of shaft adds more convenient in operation and maintenance.

The operation principle adopts mechanical seal sets for no leakage at the stuffing box.  The stainless steel turbine contain nozzles and shear plate and fluid is sheared through the pump.

Base on the demand of the drilling project and goal to achieve, the pump application and installation can be very.  The design of pump, if follow properly, will further improve the performance of the shear pump that shearing polymers and clays.

Please consult GN Solids America LLC’s sale staff on your shear pump inquiry.


written by desander desilter

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