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Apr 20

Stay Safe, it will be slow in a period, but it will PASS. Despite the crisis, we sincerely hope all our clients, and whoever happen to notice this article, all it well and stay safe & good health.What you have done to contribute, you stay at home, you keep yourself yourself, you keep your family safe, you keep their life. Lots of us may have to work. Now most of China recovered and started the production. GN have started for quite a while now, recently some shakers and mud cleaners been sent to a local rig site for oil drilling production.

1.GN Drilling Mud DesanderGN drilling mud desander is largely used when eliminate solids larger than 55 microns. Drilling mud desander is shale shake fixed with multiple sets 10 inch cyclones. A centrifugal pump is usually used to feed the slurry into GN mud desander.Cyclone is using centrifugal force to separate mud under a high rotating speed after the centrifugal pump feed the mud at a high tangential speed. Due to the mud is combined with different densities solids and liquid, solids are moving upwards along with the cyclone as the centrifugal force is larger while the liquid is separated with the solids and rotated to fall off to the cyclone nipple. Eventually, solids are separated out from the the top end of the cyclones. And liquid fall on to the shaker screen panel and to be further treated.2.GN Drilling Mud DesilterGN desilter is pretty similar with GN desander. The only difference is GN desilter fixed with 4 inch cyclone groups. It is normally seen that the cyclones are all in even number. GN desilter helps to remove solids larger than 25 microns. When using different API nos. Shaker screens, the bottom shaker can have different cut point.

GN have survived in many crisis now, from the second year we start, the to a few financial crisis, yet we are getting stronger and stronger. If you will need someone to work with regarding the solids control equipment, or environmental protection equipment, GN will be a very good option.

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа