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Dec 13

Generally, screens on shale shakers refuse solids much larger than their opening sizes and keep the drilling fluid and smaller solids. Drilling fluid properties, in addition, screen conditions may have an effect on screen performance .For instance, high gel strengths and high surface tensions have a tendency to connect small screen openings and avoid screens from passing small solids and liquid; filtration control additives, just like starch, are likely to plug screen openings and stop small solids and liquid from transiting; and in an oil based drilling fluid, water wet, fine mesh screens may avoid a big part of the drilling fluid from flowing upon the screen.


When 50% of the mass of a specific solid size is found in the under flow of a screen and 50% of the mass of that size is found in the over flow, that size is sand to be the d50 or 50% cut point. Cut point curves, or 50% percent separated curves, is a visual representation of the genuine calculated separation of solids made by the screen. As an example, a d20 cut point would probably be the size where 80% of the mass of solids of that size are taken back to the drilling fluid (pass through the shaker screen) and 20% of the mass of that size solid is rejected from the system (discarded) .


A number of manufacturers may make contribution to premature screen failure. Most failures are caused by improper screen installation or destroy the shaker itself. Damaged or distorted shaker beds,  that may be on account of several years of continuous use or incorrect maintenance, will lead to poor vibration patterns. This may result in improper maintenance, will lead to poor vibration patterns. This may result in improper solids conveyance, which in return, may cause solids to collect assemble on specific areas of the screen, wearing holes in that section. Broken beds may also influence the tensioning capability of the tension system, inducing flexure in the screen. This boost in flex causes the screen itself to vibrate separately from the basket against the screen support stringers, damaging the spot on the screen where this is taking place.

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