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Nov 17

Generally speaking , the shaker screen on the shaker will separate solids the that larger than it’s screen opening size and retain the drilling mud and smaller solids .When 50 percent of solids size being found in the underflow of the shaker screen and 50 percent of the solids of that size found in the over flow , that size is call D50 or 50% cut point . The cut point is a graphical representation of the actual measured separation of drilling solids made by the shaker screen . For example , a D20 cut point will be the size where 80% of the solids particalsiin that size that returned to the drilling mud through shaker screen and 20% of the size solids separated by shaker screen .

Shale Shaker for UAE

There are several reasons that may cause a shaker screen performance failure . Most of the failure result from the improper shaker screen installation or damage on the shale shaker . The crack or warp shaker bed may result from to long time of continuous use or improper maintenance which will cause poor vibration patterns . To achieve max screen life , all the tension bolts must be operating properly . If early screen failure occurs , please check and make sure that one or more of the tension bolts are not missing and keep sure they are tightened correctly as per manufacturers recommendation .

Another possible cause of the improper solids conveyance , and then , screen wear is the linear motion vibrators running in the same directions , which will cause an improper vibration pattern , the result in massive amounts of solids accumulating on the first screen ,causing them to wear quickly . This can easily be remedied by reversing the electric wiring to the motors and vibrators of the shale shaker should be tested before spudding the well .


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