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May 31

To clean the mud from the slurry used complex mechanical devices such as shale shaker, mud cleaner,centrifuge and cutting dryer

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

GN Mud Cleaning is Including Hydrocyclones and Shale Shaker

There are parallel hydrocyclone ( Desander and desilters ) in the mud cleaner.  Hydrocyclone installation is used as second and third mud cleaning equipment. Their operating principle is based on the separation of the suspended particulate under the action of inertia forces arising in a vortex flow of the hydrocyclone. For separating sludge from drilling fluid, the second stage is called desander cyclone separator for oil & gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud, and the cyclone is 10”.  Desander cyclone is focused on cleaning the mud from cuttings particle size between 70 microns and 40 microns in drilling oil and gas project.

Desilters are devices for circulating and cleaning the drilling mud processing as the same as the desander. Desilter with hydrocyclone 4 “is the third stage in the circulation system for cleaning mud at oil and gas drilling, is used to separate the solid particles with an average particle between 40 microns and 20 microns.

GN mud cleaner offer the 528GPM, 1056GPM and 1584GPM treating capacity for customer. Please contact with us if you are interested in our equipment

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