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Aug 16

GN produced drilling fluids decanter centrifuge and the feeding pump. Usually screw pump is used in oilfield drilling as feeding pump of centrifuge, but sometimes we choose submersible slurry pump in the solids control system as centrifuge’s feeding pump.

1 G series screw pump

G series single screw pump for pumping neutral or corrosive liquids, uncontaminated or abrasive liquids, liquids containing gases or which tend to froth, and liquids of high or low viscosity, including liquids containing fibrous and solid material. G series single screw pump Principal fields of application Food industry, Texil mill, Paper-making, Petro-industry, Chemical industry, Ship building, Build industry, Nuclear industry, Metallurgical and mine etc. It is designed according to Chinese standard.

2 EH series screw pump

EH series screw pumps are usually installed horizontally, have flange connection and may universally be used in all industries for handling non- viscous, neutral or abrasive media, with or without solid and fibrous matter.The EH design is available in 1-stage(6 bar), 2-stage(12 bar) and 4-stage(24 bar) pressure range.

Suction and Discharge ports can be interchanged by simple reversal of direction of rotation of pump.

screw pump for decanter centrifuge

screw pump for decanter centrifuge

Advantages of EH

  • EH Pumps can be used with virtually any type of driver
  • Available in numerous rotor/stator material combinations
  • Ability to handle fluid gently and with extremely low shearing
  • Various combination of casing materials available viz. CI, Carbon steel, Stainless steel etc.

3 What is the difference between EH and G series pump?

1 EH screw pump adopts Germany Boardman pump technology, G series adopts China pump technology.

2 EH advantages

Low mechanical vibration, pulsation free flow, and quiet operation, high suction performance.

 4 YZ series submersible slurry pump( centrifugal pump)

YZ series submersible slurry pump is with structure of vertical single stage and single suction overhung centrifugal pump, it is made of abrasion-resistant alloy, it can convey medium with high concentration particles. There is no bearing and Gland Seal between impeller and pump body, so it is maintenance-free and high temperature resistance, it is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for desander, desilter and centrifuge

 GN offer different series feeding pump according to client’s requirements. We are strive to provide a solution with reasonable price and high performance.

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