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Mar 15

As the second class purification equipment for oilfield drilling fluid,. Vacuum degasser actually is used to remove invade gas in the drilling mud. Normally, there are 4-step for solids control and 5-step for process.4-steps including shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge.4-steps with vacuum degasser comprise the 5-step process



. It will be installed between shale shaker and mud cleaner/desander. The degasser could be utilized in many areas such as commercial, agricultural and oilfield uses. In the oilfield drilling fluid system, it removes virtually all harmful gas including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen. It is widely acknowledged that degasser contributes to the viscosity and weight of drilling mud and prevents liquid film to enveloped and entrapped.

The Advantages of Vacuum Degasser

1.    Comparing to traditional vacuum degasser , GN vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit

2.    The sensor of degasser will automatically adjust the level of drilling fluid protect over fluids happened

3.    GN degasser benefit further treatment of mud cleaner as a big agitator.

4.    The invade-gas mud is pumped into the degasser without needing centrifugal pump.

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