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Nov 25

Drilling slurry recycling unit is used very often in HDD projects. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, GN Solids Control could offer complete drilling slurry recycling unit with capacity from 150GPM to 1500GPM.200 gpm hdd drilling mud system

Besides these large unit, some of our client come to us for recycling unit used in small drills. Such as the rig with pull back capacity of 20 ton, the treating capacity for this type slurry recycling unit is always 40~80GPM. The more and more strict regulation for protecting the environment makes the HDD contractor must use the recycling unit even so small capacity rig. Not only for the protection of environment, also for drilling fluids cost saving.

Considering for offering the best service for all the customers, GN Solids Control is trying to design a new model recycling unit for small drill rig. For better performance and cost saving, we need take a few points into account.
1. For small drills, usually, there is no large area on jobsite to locate the recycling unit. So, we need a compact structure design.
2. GNZS752 model shale shaker with 2 nos. 4″ desilter cone would be a better option for removing the cuttings from the drilling fluids.
3. One important factor to decide the dimension of the recycling unit is the required fluids storage capacity. By know that, we could get the dimesion of the mud tank.
4. According to customers requirements, the Jet mud mixer would be a optional device which is used to add bentonite into the drlling fluids and mixing it.

Recycling unit for small drills would be a better seller in future, GN Solids Control wish this trial would be a success. If you have any requirements for HDD drilling fluids recycling unit even for small drills, just feel free to contact with us.

written by desander desilter

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