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May 13

GN Solids Control ever supplied one Pre-Mix system in Kazakstan. We got inquiry on Pre-Mix system in Middle East.  Pre-mix system mainly including agitators, mud guns, jet mud mixer, or shearing jet device, of course as well as mud tank for plateform mounting above equipments. Please find following design for Middle East pre mix tank system


1. Mud tank specification

Mainly we construct the tank as three beam skid type. There should be a skid for shearing jet device pump. And according to client’s demand we make sloped floor/ladder, and make handrail as 1.5-1.6m high.

System including Pre-mix

System including Pre-mix

Furthermore, we make swing gate in handrail to allow mud material to be loaded on tank top. And it will be convenient for feeding material into the shredding hopper

Mud tank norminal dimensions should be (L) 13.7m x (W) 3.4m x (H) 3m. This is overall dimension exclude handrails.

2. Shearing jet device pump information

The pump is centrifugal one. Combined with shearing device and hopper as shearing jet device. Can be used as shredding mixing pump. According to the tank design, it holding about 352bbl capacity. So we need the charging pump hold 100m3/h treating capacity.

The detail is, 50HP motor power, 460V/60Hz/3Ph. The input and output diameter is 6″x5″, while impeller is 11″.

Shredding pump

Shredding pump

3. Shale shaker specification

For pre-mix mud tank system, shaker is a prepartion for mixing. As we know, pre-mix tank is for mixing and storing mud. Shaker is used to separate larger particle and provide better property drilling mud

This shale shaker don’t need large capacity. According to tank and system design 396GPM will be sufficient.  We request tow 2HP vibration motors

4. Mud gun and mud agitator

Usually we set one mud agitator per 3 meters. And mud gun should match with it. Except shaker tank or compartment we totall need 4 mud agitators and mud guns.

Mud agitator can be selected according to tank width, and height. But usually the mud gun will be modula length and type. The manual rotation is optional for certain users

5. Electrical design on pre mix system

We’ll make centralized control panel for whole system electrical parts. Every equipment will be controlled by rmote operation control.

6. Pipe lines structure

On the mud pre mix tank we prepare enough sump drains to make clearance easier and convenient. At the same time we need to make drilling mud input and output quantity properly  to provide drilling mud ideal circulation, etc.

7. GN Pre-Mix system

Above information is including clients’ requirements and our GN design. We can design pre-mix system, of course also whole drilling mud process unit including mixing, recirculation, etc.

Presently, we’ve exported quantities drilling fluid system to over 40 countries. Including Middle east, Europe, Asia, etc. almost all over the world region. So, no matter where are you from, if you have demand and inquiry, just contact us freely. You’ll get optimal proposal with standard equipments meet your customized requirements

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