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Apr 28

Positive displacement pump is also called screw pump. What is the difference between positive displacement pump and other pump? As the stator is made of elastomeric material, the main advantage than other pump is transferring the fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended particles. Also, the screw pump is a perfect pump for delivering the drilling fluid to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud. Most of project contractor will choose the screw pump matching with decanter centrifuge.

 GN Positive Displacement Pump Features & Benefits

Screw Pump

1. The shaft of screw pump is made from stainless steel, and the completely stainless steel body is also available.

2. The screw pump exert generate pressurize capacity separately because of the special geometry shape of the two parts.

3. The fluids flow along with the shaft, inner flow speed is slow, capacity remains, pressure is stable and it will not form vortex and agitating.

4. GN series screw pump is with less accessories, compact structure, small volume, easy maintenance, rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump, it is convenient to replace.

GN screw pumps have been exported over 60 countries with good reputation. Also, shale shaker, shaker screen, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge are popular in the world.

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