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Sep 07

We assembly different size hydrocyclones for different flow rate requirement. For example, GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner ,240m3/h, we use 2x 12” desander cone and 12x 4” desilter cone with a GNZS63-3 underflow shaker. Its screen area is 2.4m2(25.8 FT2) which has better performance than small shaker.



 A hydrocyclone is a device to classify/separate or sort particles in a liquid suspension based on the densities of the particles.

 Polyurethane(PU) Hydrocyclone is a special abrasion resistant polyurethane which under certain conditions can give three times more life than rubber. GN usually use 4 inch cone for desilter, 10 inch cone for desander.

 A hydrocyclone has two exits on the axis: the smaller on the bottom (underflow or reject) and a larger at the top (overflow or accept). The underflow is generally the denser or thicker fraction, while the overflow is the lighter or more fluid fraction.

 Features: 1 Lightweight overflow elbow

 2 Vortex finders

 3 Weep holes prevent damage to housingsOuter housings are fitted with weep holes located in the highest wear areas. Slurry dripping from the weep holes gives an early indication that the liner needs replacing.

 4 Preventing housing wear.

HC and HR cyclones incorporate mild steel shell housings. While PC cyclones incorporate lightweight. Rust-resistant, fibre-reinforced composite housings.

 5 Spigot

 6 Feed distributor

 Our smallest mud cleaner is GNTJ60 mud cleaner, with 60m3/h(264GPM), we use 4”x4 desilter cone and 8”x1 desander cone, with a GNTS60 shaker, its screen area is only 1.0m2. To choose a proper mud cleaner ( or desander, desilter), pls contact GN solids control for the numbers and models of hydrocyclone cone.

 Other material hydrocyclone cones are available, such as Cast iron, Silicon carbide, Alumina, Hybrid alumina and cast iron.


GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner

GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner

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