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May 31

GN Solids control last week delivered every other massive batch of pitless drilling waste control equipment for an global oilfield carrier organisation. GN Solids control has rich revel in on designing and manufacturing turnkey treating equipment which may be successfully used to deal with exceptional sorts of drilling waste consists of OBM, WBM and SBM.

Each year, GN Solids manipulate offers greater than one hundred units package treating systems. Here are the primary treating equipment on this pitless drilling waste management machine.

1.GN hi-G Drying Shaker
GN hi-G Drying Shaker has a bigger G force up to eight.Zero G. With the notable great vibrator to pressure the shaker deck fixed with GN made shale shakers to separate solids from drilling dust. Shaker deck is fabricated from SS to guard from rusty.
A hopper type feeding container is hooked up on the returned of the shaker, drilling waste may be feed effortlessly via a screw conveyor. Flushing nozzles are positioned at the pinnacle of the shaker to eliminated those blocked holes by using excessive stress drilling mud, and a anti-spraying cover is constant at the top.

2.GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer
GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer is especially used to treat OBM and SBM. Typically after dealt with by using GN vertical cuttings dryer, oil at the final cuttings is less than five%.
Flights are tough faced to HRC65 for long time usage without weariness. To maintain the display basket from blockading, an air knife gadget is likewise used to offer excessive pressure air to blow off the ones caught stones.

3.GN Vacuum Pump
GN Vacuum Pump is one switch pump particularly designed to transport high solids content material, big viscosity materials. An air compressor is used to provide driven force.
GN Vacuum Pump here are used to switch those drilling wastes discharged from shale shaker and cuttings dryer. Solids less than 75 mm may be switch under computerized strolling fame and manual mode.

written by desander desilter

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