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Jul 30

Shortly before, a client from Indonesia told us they plan to implement a pitless drilling system in their project for disposal the unused drilling mud.

What is Pit Less Drilling System

500GPM Hydraulic Jack up solids control system

Pit less drilling system is also call closed-loop drilling system. It employ a suite of solids control equipment to minimize drilling fluid dilution and provide the economic handling of the drilling wastes.
In the pit less drilling system where a reserve pit is not required, used drilling mud are recycled, and solid wastes can be landfarmed, hauled off or injected downhole.

Typcical Pitless Drilling System include:

1. Series of Linear motion shale shaker
2. Mud cleaner
3. Centrifuges followed with dewatering system: in the dewatering system, the High speed dencanter centrifuge and cutting drier are included.

Advantages of Pitless Drilling System

Comparing with the conventional solid control equipment at the same condition(same well drilling formations, same rig crew etc). The pitless drilling system have more advantages below:

1. Saving in drilling fluids costs
2. improvement in the rate of penetration
3. Reduced surface disturbance for no pit required
4. Reduced drilling mud wastes and environmental impact to surface and groundwater

Solids control equipments are partial in the complete pitless drilling system, but there is no doubt that solids control equipment play a important role in the system. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipments, even complete drilling mud recycling system. If any need aroused or more info required, just feel free to call us or send us mail.

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