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Sep 19

Paddle Mixer is a widely seen device in solid control system, which is mainly used to agitate and blend drilling mud so as to control the depositions of solid particles in the tank cycling system and keep the mud property.

paddle mixer

paddle mixer


Paddle Mixer Structure and Operation Principle

Paddle Mixer Include: explosion–proof motor, reducer, seating and impeller. The motor and reducer are installed horizontally on the top surface of the mud tank.
Connection: Rigid shaft adapters are used to connect the motor to reducer, and reducer to impeller.
Operation Principle: The impeller agitates the drilling mud and makes it revolving to enhance the stirring effect. The plate mounted to the impeller shaft by flange with bolts could prevent solid particles in mud from depositing around the impeller so as to reduce the friction force when the shaft rotating.

Paddle Mixer Types of GN

Paddle Mixer wiht motor power of 5.5KW,7.5KW,11KW,15KW are available in GN company. These 4 types paddle mixer are different in impeller diameter and assemble dimension. You Besides the 5.5KW paddle mixer, others are designed with double impeller.
Considering the deep mud tank, we specially design the shaft stabilizer for the long shaft paddle mixer, it often used in the tank with depth over 2 meters.

GN Paddle Mixer Sold to Halliburton Argelia Company

GN once exported 14 sets paddle mixer to Halliburton argelia company and good remarks on the products quality and our service were given by the buyer.

Paddle mixer is only a relative simple device in GN’s products list. GN could also supply shale shaker, mud cyclone separator and other drilling mud cleaning equipments, even the complete system. If you have a drilling project and need solids control products, just feel free to contact with us.

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