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Nov 17

GN have rich experience on Oil Sludge Treatment, and have sent many different systems to various sites, with 3 standard model of oil sludge treatement system, whist keep ourselves open for virious of different sit requirement. For the biggest model OST we have, 22in decanter centrifuge is one of the important equipment.

GNLW554EP is type solid bowl decanter centrifuge with bowl diameter 22 inch and L/D ratio 4.2. Below features make it performs excellently onsite.

1. GN EP series decanter centrifuge is used for dewatering of the slurry with high solid content. Therefore for all the solids touching parts in the bowl assembly, the tungsten carbide would be adopted for wearing protection. The screw blade is full welded with tungsten carbide plate 4mm thick. Slurry distribution port and solids discharging port also protected with tungsten carbide bushing. To avoid the wearing of the bowl surface caused by solids building up at the discharging port, the scrapers are installed to scraping off the wet solids.

2. Large L/D ration can make the slurry stay longer inside the bowl for better classification.

3. Centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl material distribution more even for better dynamic balance.

4. Lubrication oil station system continuously lubricating and cooling on the bearing ensures the stable running.
For this model, we also get different options, if you need better result, and willing to pay a bit more then the higher L/D ratio is a much better choice. Well in anyway, if you got any doubts, just ring GN sales team, or drop an email.

written by desander desilter

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