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Sep 03

GN have designed and manufactured hundreds of tanks, including water tank, pill tank, storage tank, suction tank, shaker tank, trip tank, weight tank, recycling tank, etc.

 Mud tanks can be made of customized dimension, most of them are closed, some are made open toped which is easy to clean the tank.

 Features of open toped mud tank      

storage tank

storage tank


 1 Convenient cleaning of tank inside

2 Customized dimension

3 Coating & Painting: (Japan Kansai & Cosco) brand epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint                                                                                     Inside tank:2 layers painting  Outside:3 layers painting

4 Steel: National Standard Steel From Top Company(HBIS)

5 galvanized steel gratings are used as open toped cover

6 walkway, ladder(or stairs), valves, clean gate, pipelines are available.

 Features of mud tank (closed)

1 Tank nameplate will show general specification in English & Chinese language.

2 There is measure device for each tank, measure unit: m3. Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is available.

3 Cable trough and electric cable are included.

4 There is locating rod between each tank (adopts x mm * x mm square steel pipe, pin hole is φ x mm)

5 Slurry trough is x mm * x mm, made of x mm thickness steel plate .

6 Walkway, handrail are connected with links, it do not need to remove when transportation.

7 There is clean water pipeline interface to clean the tank and equipments.

8 Ladder uses x # channel steel as main body, horizontal baseboard use grating plate, the handrail for ladder are fixed with safety hook. Every compartment are installed with walk climb ladder.

9 All matching equipments layout to make sure easy for maintenance, transportation, installation. Tank to side is strong enough for fixing all necessary equipments.

10 The pipeline in the tank can meet the requirement of solids control equipments technics, feeding pump(desander, desilter feeding pump, weighten pump) is installed connected, can work separately and complementary.

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