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Jan 12

During opertion ,oilfiled decanter centrifuge whether for solids control ,waste management or dewatering system,may become over vibrating or make louder noises,which influnce the performance of the centrifuge .GN solids control can provide you with 14”,18”and 21” decanter centrifuge

Oilfiled decanter centrifuge

Oilfiled decanter centrifuge

Why centrfuge over vibrating happen?

Centrifuge are designed and built  with the comprehensive utilization of a variety of knowledge to allows certain processing errors, including the balance for bowl and auger to achieve the centrifuge vibration control in the normal range. But if used improperly, it will destroy this design balance, resulting in a serious accident.

Centrifuge auger balncing

Centrifuge auger balncing

The rotor roates balancely below max speed or theory speed,for most  low speed centrifuges ,they can work up to theory peak speed. But as to high speed centrifuges ,normally there is a reference operation speed say 400~500  rpm less than the limited speed.There is a wide range of working speed for centrifuge from thousands to ten thousands  rotate per minutes ,the higher the speed ,the more dangerous.

Possible reasons caused unbalance ,over vibrating ,bigger noises.

1.If the earth is solid enough to hold the centrifuge ,earthquake happen?

2.Centrifuge rotor balance destroyed by wrong operation or worn out.

3.Wherther centrifuge tube and centrifuge cup are balanced installed?

4.Centrifuge level adjustment,the force is uniform?

5.Centrifugal shaft bended ,vibrate too serious?

Centrifuge Bowl Balancing

Centrifuge Bowl Balancing

Trouble shooting for over vibrating centrifuge .

Once the centrifuge over vibrate under running condition,lower the speed as much as you can ,all operation people stay away in case any break down of  shaft injure people.Do not cut off the electricity ,or you will lose the back drive power ,which will delay the time for speed down.Chck any possible reasons above and think of a solution.For more details ,pls contact us .


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