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May 14

UAE oil and gas industry

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is rather important equipment in oil and gas well drilling. As we all know, UAE and even whole middle east area is rich with oil and gas. So the well drilling and oilfield services industry is rather prosperous. Including onshore and offshore / Jack up drilling.

Almost, if user wish take advantage of drilling fluid fully for oil well drilling they will adopt centrifuge for drilling mud process

Oilfield Mud centrifuge used in UAE

Oilfield Mud centrifuge used in UAE

What centrifuge do contractors use in UAE

Actually, in UAE and middle east region. People in oil and gas companies among who many of them are from USA, West Europe, etc. They have high technology and know advance technique well on well drilling and drilling mud process. They trust excellent centrifuge can give whole mud sytem bravo performance. So they pay more attention on quality and performance than price

Then what brand centrifuge do they mainly use? Presently, everyone know Derrick, MI-Swaco, NOV-Brandt, Kem-Tron, FSI. These are world top famous manufacturers. But now, here is coming a China mud centrifuge manufacturer-GN Solids Control. GN has also given ideal solution to many users. No matter they use centrifuge in oilfield mud process, or in waste sludge treatment, etc.

We exported the centrifuge to UAE, Middle East, South America, Australia, etc.  From new year till now, we’ve got over 10 sets centrifuge orders. Including high speed, and VFD centrifuge. GN Centrifuge now has been used widely in UAE. We trust in the future there will be more and more GN centrifuge used in UAE oilfield drilling mud process

What other oilfield mud equipents used in UAE?

Ye, including complete line mud equipments and system. Such as Derrick shale shaker, NOV Brandt shaker, Kem-Tron centrifuge, NOV Brandt centrifuge, Derrick VFD centrifuge, GNZJ mud cleaner, etc.

So many items and so much knowledge. If you need more detailed information why don’t you come to GN. Find mud centrifuge qualified to be used in UAE

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