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Apr 15

After OST15, and several OST1 system delivered, now another standard oill sludge treatment system sent out to an Asian client. After some site experience, the OST5 system also has been upgraded, in details, to have better result, and more user friendly. The basic design is same as other systems, to do 3 phase separation. 

The first step would be blending, to have one or two tanks, mixing the oily sludge with water / diesel, and heating the fluids up, to make it more flow-able, then been pumped thru the shale shaker, after separated by the shale shaker, where bigger size particle size are separated, and fluids are picked up by centrifuge feeding pump, then the decanter centrifuge separate the small particles out, the discharged fluid, which contains oil water and small portion of solids. This part can flow into the disc stac or transfered by a centrifual pump, to the disc stac separator.

After the disc stac separator, you get the 3 separted result, solids / sludge, oil, and water. Well you might be wondering, what kind of result we are talking about here, normally for solids, the remaining oil content is 1~3%, not enough to discharge directly, based on most of the laws all around the world, which means the main purpose of this system is actually REDUCE, not the final. As for oil, BSW will be less than 3%, for water the remaining oil would be about 1000ppm. I believe DAF or filter will be needed in the following steps. 

For this specific project, the client knows us long time ago, and have been discussing with us for the details, unitil we showed them more videos, and after they checked a few sites, they finally come to an order. We also warmly welcom all of you who is reading this post to visit our factory, our booths, our sites uh where need to be approved before we go, all others you can freely to visit anytime. 

written by desander desilter

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