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Jun 04

For oil well drilling rig, there should be many kinds of assistant parts when we do oil drilling project. Such as exploratory well, solids control, work over, completion, etc. Please find following detail on oil rig solids control

Oil rig drilling fluid solids control system is the insurance on high quality drilling mud. While qualified drilling fluid is ideal way to avoid any accident under well bore. High property drilling mud can avoid broken, protect drilling layer, increase drilling speed, cut down the drilling cost.

Oil rig solids control beginning

Actually, shale shaker, desadner, desilter in oil well drilling is from minning, and coal exploration industry. While centrifuge and degassers are from food and chemical industry. In long term, oil rig solids control can’t get specific development or get rid of former industry effect don’t have specific structure or features.



Oil Rig Solids Control System

Oil Rig Solids Control System

ver, this is rather important for oil well drilling solids control.Since they have different processing medium. At the same time the things separated out and remain things are different we need to have different structure and feature.

Then, in later 1980s, we get some change or improvement on this situation. We have specialist on technique D&R team, especially, we have oilfield academe and university combined together for complete theory and design.

How China Oil rig solids control

At the beginning, Chine oil drilling company or oilfield services company adopt many degassers, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifuges, centrifugal pump, etc. even complete drilling fluid solids control system/unit.

Meanwhile, this period also provide good opportunity for our oilfield technique swift development. Make China oilfield specialist grow better and better.Then, China oil rig solids control industry has a good start.

Oil rig solids control company list

In fact, solids control is a small part of oil well drilling. However, it is rather important for whole oilfield project. As we know, solids control have many functions. Including low down drill bit temperature, bring drilling cuttings out of well bore, lubricate drill pipe, etc.

So there will be many oilfield services company to provide such special service to drilling contractor. Also, some well drilling company will toward to other specific solids control companies get complete design and services obtain whole optimal solutions

All over the world, developed solids control technique are mainly in USA. And the famous solids control companies are rather familiar among oil and gas drilling industry. Such as Mi-Swaco, NOV, Derrick, FSI, etc. How about in China? Such as GN Solids Control, KOSUN, etc.Also there are many oil rig company will provide such services together will drilling rig

In short, majority oil rig company, drilling company, oil and gas well drilling contractor pay more and more attention on solids control. Treat this as rather important part. Then oil rig solids control develop day by day, better and better

If you do need more detail on solids control equipment, whole system, development, new process, or such companies
please contact GN

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