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Apr 30

Desilter is usually used in oil rig mud system. It is 3rd phase solids control equipment. It also can be used in gas well drilling , HDD, etc.

Need more informatioin on desilter for oil rig? Please find followings.


Desilter parts

No matter desilter is used in oil rig or other industry, the main parts are same. Including desilter cones, base frame, pressure gauge, etc. The detailed parts are inlet, outlet, sand flume.

The desilter cone usually is 4″ including stainless steel clamps, stainless steel ball valve, etc.  If requested by user, we’ll design desilter separator with bottom shaker to give better performance.

Desilter for sale

Desilter for sale


Desilter function for oil rig system

Desilter is used to separating particle sized 15~20microns. It is set after desander hydrocyclone but before decanter centrifuge. It can be a part of mud cleaner.

Anyhow, its function is to separate solids for providing finer drilling mud to centrifuge. During operation we need centrifugal pump to feed desilter hydrocyclone from desander compartment then after purification the clean mud will drop down to desilter compartment wait for next phase process


Desilter manufacturer

Desilter can be called desilter separator. The manufacturers are all over the world. But we need reliable and professional manufacturer. In USA there is Derrick, MI-Swaco, NOV, etc. in China there is GN Solids Control, in Middle East, etc.

Each manufacturer will have their own superiority and strength. For example when we choose desilter manufacturer we’ll consider their experience, price, capability, delivery time, etc.

Other equipments for oil rig

During oil and gas well drilling the equipments inlcuding oil drilling rig, solids control equipments, well control equipments etc. For the solids control equipments, including 4 phase. First one is shale shaker, then desander, desilter, or combined former 3 as mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge.


Find your desilter

Hundreds of clients or users will have hundreds of requirements. Including treating capacity, design, structure, etc. Anyhow, why don’t you come to GN find one optimal solution?  Not only desilter for sale but also professional solution

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