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Oct 19

Drilling mud ( also called drilling fluids) including water-based mud (which can be dispersed and non-dispersed) , oil-based mud (non-aqueous mud) and gaseous drilling fluid, in which a wide range of gases can be used.

oil-based mud desilting

oil-based mud desilting

Oil-based mud can be a mud where the base fluid is a petroleum product such as diesel fuel. Oil-based mud are used for many reasons, some being increased lubricity, enhanced shale inhibition, and greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity. Oil-based mud also withstand greater heat without breaking down. The use of oil-based mud has special considerations. These include cost and environmental considerations.

In a solids control system, desilting is after desanding work, and depends on the drilling mud character,  the desanding or desilting unit is not always need. The desanding and desilting equipments are called desander and desilter, or combine them, as mud cleaner.

Desilting can be used to separate large particles from oil-based mud to get drilling fluids balance and clean.

How oil-based mud desilting work for drilling mud?

Oil-based mud desilting is a machine for cleaning drilling mud by removing entrained solids and impurities and returning cleansed and for recycling. The machine comprises a plurality of cooperating conical desilting to remove gases and separate materials of varying densities. Originally drilling mud containing solids are pumped at a controlled pressure from the cleaning bed into an original cyclone, where, under increasing centrifugal force, the treated mud is separated into relatively heavier and lighter components, which are transmitted through separate pathways to desilting cone, the second drum chamber receives the lighter components which are further separated and delivered to a network of desilting cones which output properly cleansed mud. Through the gas removal construction disclosed, the efficiency of the various stages of the cleaning processes is increased, and drilling mud losses are minimized.

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