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Mar 27

GN Solids Control third generation vertical dryer is firstly showed in the CIPPE oil exhibition. vertical dryer is also called vertical centrifuge as it use the centrifugal force to deal with oil based mud and synthetic base mud. GN vertical cuttings dryer is able to reach drying efficiency OCC≤5° maximum dry the solids。

In order to meet increasingly strict environmental rules for fluids mud disposal and reduce the fluid cost. Many companies are seeking for the reliable and high performance of vertical cutting dryer. There are some advantages of our new vertical dryer showed below

New designs

New Genaration Vertical Cutting Dryer

New Genaration Vertical Cutting Dryer

1. Air knife is firstly installed the dryer which is consistently used for cleaning the screen during the work avoid the stick oil base mu
d block the screen. Precision design for angle and distance make sure air knife efficiently wipe out the sticky mud on the screen.

2. Cleaning pump will provide the high pressure water and vertical angle effectively to get rid of accumulated solids in the screen

3. Two auger are equipped on the bottom of the vertical cutting dryer to continually transport disposal solids to the site which is suitable for the handling a large amount of mud.

4. oil cooling and lubrication system ensure the long operation life and reliable motor performance.

GN also manufacture:shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifugal, various pumps and all types of shaker screens

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