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Jun 11

Have you ever heard multi shakers solids control unit/system? Or about the multi shakers-centrifuge solids control system? There was before, but nowadays, majority solids control unit for oil drilling ect. are not like that.

Presently, m0st solids control equipments are working under hard condition. The system doesn’t have strong ability to avoid ambient environment effect.

We know, drilling fluid solids control have developed very well during decade. This increase well drilling technique while decrease whole system repairing, ensure drilling fluid high property. Raise drilling speed, cut down cost, etc. So, all drilling people in oil and gas industry, mature solids control system is important mark for drilling


Shakers in solids control

Before 1970s, oil drilling solids control will use rather rude shale shaker. The separation particle size at least will be 440microns, solid will go into circulation again.

Solids Control-Shakers

Solids Control-Shakers

Then there came up super fine shaker, hydrocyclone desander, desilter, centrifuge, degasser, agitator, mixing pump, etc. Also the mud tank, electric control panel. The solids can be limited as less than 5%. The density also can be adjusted as per actual demand

All of subsequent solids control equipments hould be based on shale shaker. Such as the treating capacity, the separation size, even whole mud tank, recycling system

Why we use multy shakers solids control unit?

In fact, complete solids control system will request rather high electric power input. Also the common shaker quantity won’t have sufficient treating capacity or flow rate. There was some company took 5 shale shakers used together.

These 5 shakers are adopting fine shaker screens. Then they won’t request desander, desilter. But use one set centrifuge. This save much power input give more simple structure, and higher reliability.

According to nowadays solids control development, decrease process phase cut down cost, highten reliability is the tendency. So we expect, there should be two ways for multy shakers solids control system. To research simple step practice possibility. This work have large risk need long time study.

However, everything will develop as climb hill from lower to higher from simple to complicated. Solids control is same. This will lead high efficiency, lower cost rate. So the multy shaker solids control unit is better choice and main direction
Multy shaker solids control system can give us larger flow rate, higher treating capacity, and stronger reliability.

We think, in the future, there will be quantity qualified solids control system don’t need desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud agitators, etc. Even maybe centrifuge. You can talk more with GN find interested answers

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