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Sep 19

Mud Tank is widely used in the oilfield mud recycling system not only as the vessel of drilling mud, but also as the base of the drilling mud treatment equipments. In a complete mud recycling system for the oil well drilling rig, there would be many tanks involved. Sometimes, all these tanks looked same from out shape, and connected by pipeline; while other times, these tanks are various in demension and independent for different function. These tanks maybe given different names by different supplier, now, we will talk about the tank with name from GN Solids Control.

mud tank system

mud tank system


Mud Tank as Shaker Tank

From the shaker tank, we are getting into the mud cleaning system, in general condition, we will install shale shaker on the tank surface, and the quantity of shale shaker depends on the treating capacity of the system. In order to remove the gas from the drilling mud and enhance the efficiency of the following centrifugal pump which feed the mud to cyclone seperator, we could, as per the client requirment, install a vacuum degasser behind the shale shaker. If there is still enough space on the tank surface, we could install the desander, desilter or mud cleaner on it. However, we always install the mud cleaner in the next tank to prevent the crowded layout on tank surface, then we get into the next tank.

Mud Tank as Active Tank

After the treatment through desilter cyclone seperator, the drilling mud already could be reused. The tank full filled with active drilling mud is connected with high pressure mud pump which could transfer the drilling mud back to the drilling hole by the drilling stem. Considering the mud pump could not suck the mud by itself, there would be centrifugal pump to transfer the mud from active tank to mud pump.

Mud Tank as Mixing Tank

Mixing tank is used to mix and configure the clean mud.  A jet mud mixer is equiped on or beside this tank, the pump unit could suck the clean mud from everywhere in the tank system there is clean mud by pipeline.

Mud Tank as Storage Tank

According to the clients requirement,we could design a mud storage tank for the system. On this tank, there often install several mud agitators to keep the chemicals in drilling mud suspending. This tank is also connected by pipeline to mud pump.

drilling mud recycling system

drilling mud recycling system


Trip Tank for Drilling Rig

Not included in the mud recycling system, the design for trip tank is to pretect the the inner wall of drilling hole when the drilling stem out and in the hole and prevent the kick off. Trip Tank is always equiped with a level gauge so that the operator could control the mud capacity on the operation board. To some extend, trip tank is a independent tank from the mud cleaning system.

The mud tanks mentioned above could also be compacted as some compartments in one tank if the treating capacity is not so large. Even some tanks are not necessary in 1 set system. Such as the GN standard 500GPM mud system, it only contains 1 tank but perform very well. If need some more about mud tanks or other mud cleaning equipments, just feel free to contact with us.

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