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Jul 14

All the equipments equiped in GN Mud System are driven by electricity, generally, there would be a Electric Control Panel equiped on the tank skid or the one of the short flank side or beside the equipment to turn on or turn off the electrical equipments.

Electric Control Panel on Mud Tank Flank Side

Electric Control Panel Function

In one set complete GN mud system, always below main equipments will be involved. Shale shaker, Centrifugal pump, Desander, Desilter, Mud agitator, sometimes the Centrifuge also needed. Each equipments has one electric control panel, by screwing the knob to “on” or “off”, we could start the equipments and stop it.

Electric Control Panel Type

In GN mud system, there are 2 kinds of electric control panel claasified by the dimension and the quantity of the equipments would be controled. Generally, several pumps would be needed in the mud system, therefore, a large electric control panel would be made to contral all the pumps. The operator could stand in front of the control panel to control all the pump, even there would be a submersible pump installed far away from the Mud tank. One general electric control panel could control all the electric device in the mud system.
Besides that, there would be some small control panel, the operator also could control the equipments on top of the mud tank, no need get down the tank to operate at the gneral control panel.

Electric Control Panel on Mud Tank Skid

GN Electric Control Panel Feature

Mud system always is used in oilfied where request the explosion proof equipments. GN electric control panel all designed explosion proof standard to suitable for the application in the oil and gas industry. The main electric compartments all come from famous brands of  Siemens and Schneider, safe and long life.

Electric Control Panel on Low Tank

GN could offer the Electric control panel of IEC EX standard to meet the customer’s high level request. The high quality of the electric control panel make sure the GN mud system performs well.

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