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Apr 15

The hopper design along with the venturi mixer ensures that clogging and build up of chemicals is avoided. Upstream of the mixing eductor a stream is diverted to a radial premixer above the mixer inlet. Powder chemicals are pre-wetted in the radial pre-mixer before entering the venture stream in the eductor, thus eliminating “fish-eyes” and microgels.

A mud-flow device, also called a jet hopper, in which materials are put into the circulating mud system. The mud hopper is powered by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet) below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.

Mud hopper

Mud hopper

GNSL series Jet Mud mixer is special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing  bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration. The effect is more prominent matching with Shear Pump. GNSL jet mud mixer is a unit used together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling and horizontal directional drilling(HDD). The unit includes one sand pump, one jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently. At the same time,we can make Twin-Jet Mud Mixer according to the user requirements.It is designed by GN solids control bentonite mud mixer,drilling mud tank jet mixer.
Twin jet mud mixer

Twin jet mud mixer

GN can assist with properly sizing a hopper to fit your system.  There is no reason to be forced to mount the hopper on top of the mud tanks since the jet-venturi allows for convenient location of the hopper.  Sizing assistance should be requested when extensive piping or elevation is planned for the downstream side of the hopper.

written by GN Desander Desilter

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