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Mar 03

In mud systerm, we often see the mud gun installed inner the mud tank. Though it is structural simple, it plays an irreplaceable role in mud system.

GN mud gun

First, it always applied together with mud agitator to prevent the mud precipitating so that the homogeneous mud could be transfered or treated. Mud gun could spray the mud to the tank corner which the agitator can’t reach.
Secondly, the active mud could be added in the selected tank through the mud gun pipeline.

In different mud system, the power source of mud gun is different either. In general condition, for the mud system for oil drilling rig and workover rig, the mud gun often powered by mud pump, the pressure is higher. While in small mud system for HDD and CBM, no need for the mud pump. Therefore, the mixing pump will be used as the mud gun source.  correspondingly, the pressure is lower.
We should choose the mud gun according to the pressure.

Sometime, if the space in the tank is not large, we only choose one of the mud gun and agitator, it all depends on our purpose. For example, in the small pill tank, we only install one unit mud agitator.

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