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Aug 24

Recently wellsite disasters have led to an increased emphasis on properly sized mud/gas separators. Mud gas separator is a device that removes gas from the mud coming out of a well when a kick is being circulated out.

 GN Mud gas separator has been designed to capture and separate large volume of free gases within the drilling fluid. Designed for high pressure wells, this unit controls the circulated gas to the surface separating the gas from the mud and vent it.

mud gas separator

mud gas separator

 Simplicity is the essence of GN design for mud gas separator. It can be knocked down for easy transport.


31.5” Mud Gas Separator(ZYQ800) is a self contained unit that allows for easy mobilization. It is ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an under-balanced mud column.

 The Mud Gas Separator is primarily used to separate and safely vent from the active mud system large pockets of free gas that may include toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide

 31.5″(800Mmm) diameter by 108″ seam to seam vessel equipped with internal baffles, 5″ mud inlet, 6″ mud outlet with “J” tube design_Manages approximately 1056 GPM, and 36000 BBL/Day. Unit is designed to mount on top of the tank and secured into position. This allows the unit to be lowered to the bottom of the mud tank for transportation.


This 4ftx 12ft mud gas separator with 8in lines(top flow line, drain line, return line, and 2 high pressure lines) all connections to the separator are fitted with 8 in flanges. High pressure lines fitted with 5in Yuanda valves, (4ft x 18ft is also available). This mud gas separator has a telescopic frame to vary its height to meet the desired altitude to the flow line connection.

Liquid capacity: 1500gpm

 The mud/gas separator is designed to provide effective separation of the mud and gas circulated from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handled by a vacuum degasser located in the mud pits. The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during kick situations, during drilling with significant drilled gas in the mud returns, or when trip gas is circulated up.

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