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Jul 19

GN produce mud degasser for the drilling mud recycling system, GN Vac-degasser has been widely used in the oilfield, also GN can produce mud gas separator(poor boy degasser).  

When your drilling mud has only a little gas, vac-degasser is enough, but if there are much harmful and ignitered gas, you should use a poor boy degasser with an electric igniter to burn it, that is the simplest way to distinguish when to use vacuum degasser and when to use poor boy degasser. Also you can remember the vac-degasser is used in the mud system, but poor boy degasser is used near the wellhead, before entering into solids control system.

Efficiency = Savings

The mud Degasser economically removes gases and oxygen and helps keep the drilling mud at a desired weight.

Quick Installation…

The mud Degasser is easily installed on top of the mud tank with rigid piping. It’s as simple as that!

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Field Proven

The mud degasser underwent extensive testing before being brought on the market and has been in the field for years. Installations like this one have had years of proven performance and reliability all over the world.

Mud Handling Section-

Optimum Performance

  • Top removal allows easy access to all internal parts
  • Foam gas separation impeller allows gas to be drawn away from mud handling section, but prohibits liquid from entering vacuum section
  • Mud scheduling ring regulates mud flow into mud section vacuum chamber
  • Center vented evacuation pump eliminates gas locking
  • Dissimilar materials eliminates any possibility of sparking
  • Virtually no bearings, seals, or belts to fail

To know more information of GN mud degasser, pls contact GN solids control.

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