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Aug 21

Earth boring is drilling a hole, tunnel, or well in the earth. Boring is applied for any wide variety of applications in geology, agriculture, hydrology, civil engineering, and oil and all-natural gas industries. Whatever type of earth boring, you’ll need increase a good deal of mud/slurry, you’ve to locate a appropriate option to procedure these mud /slurry. GN mud cleaning equipments is usually applied for all kinds of earth boring.
The most popular earth boring projects such as:
1 oil & gas drilling, utilised Mud Cleaning System to separate big solids from the drilling fluids and recycle the clean drilling mud
2 mining core boring,applied to separate the fine silts from the slurry
3 railway tunnelling or Underground Railway, used to separate big rocks from the bentonite slurry which is increased from Tunnelling boring Machine.Micro-tunneling is similar project, just the flow rate per hour is smaller for the mud cleaning system.
4 Civil engineering, like pipeline crossing, after crossing, you can not just leave the mud there, most of these projects are inside the city, you must cleaning the mud and reuse or use a truck to drain off it.
5 Bored piles
GN mud cleaning equipments/ system including shale shaker( for civil construction ususally it is double deck shale shaker, the upper shaker screen is used as first phase cleaning of the big rocks, the bottom shaker screen works to separate the fine solids, such double deck shale shaker can enlarge the treating capacity in the same cost)., mud cleaner( shale shaker with hydrocyclones, sometimes we put hydrocyclone on top of the double deck shaker to save room for bored piles desanding).
The accessories such as mud tank, mud agitator, mud gun, mixing hopper, mixng pump, etc.
Different industries will require different treating capacity mud cleaning equipments, for example, TBM usually have to have a big treating capacity mud system up to 500m3/h, but mud system for micro-tunneling is much smaller. The required flow rate for pipeline crossing in civil construction is usually 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm.
GN solids control engineer teams have many years experience for the customized mud cleaning system for the above application in civil construction, welcome to contact us for any option of mud.

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