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Mar 15

Middle East is one of the biggest market for all oil gas equipment suppliers, we have been doing well over there and lots of clients like GN brand and GN products. 

GN Solids Control is one of the earliest manufacturers in China that started to design and manufacture solids control and drilling waste management equipment.

We are proudly to say that GN Solids Control equipment are widely used in more than seventy countries and regions. GN Solids Control equipment are very popular in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as Asia. These drilling fluids vacuum degassers and mud cleaners are one of the repeated orders from GN old customers. Word of mouth positive feedback on GN Solids Control equipment and drilling waste management systems help GN to win more and more business.

Mud cleaner or called mud conditioner is a 3in 1 equipment, including desander cones, desilter cones, and a dewatering shale shaker. Normally used after the first stage, the shale shakers.

Vacuum degasser is a equipment to protect the pumps and as part of the safety requirement on site, after the fluid exposed, and in the following steps it won’t be fully sealed off. Then it is needed to get rid of the position gases.Shale shaker, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, for oil gas drilling it is kind of our main business for a long time.

We keep upgrading our equipment details, yet seems no breakthrough really. But on the right track, doesn’t mean you have to catch people’s attention always. best way is let the equipment speak for you.

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