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Jul 28

Hundreds of mud agitator and mud gun would be manufactured and sold to the customer in GN’s  annual sales. If you know solids control, you will know that mud agitator and mud gun are the most popular equipments in the drilling mud mixing system.

GN Mud Agitator Motor & Gear Box

In one mud mixing system, always there are mud agitator, mud gun, mixing pump and a Ventri hopper. While the mud agitator and mud gun often come out together, the quantity of mud agitator and mud gun always the same inner the mixing tank.

Mud agitator contains motor, gear box and the rotating shaft which attached with blade. The rotating shaft and blade are the fluids touching parts of the mud agitator, by rotating the shaft, the blade will stir the drilling mud to prevent the sedimentation, thus the drilling mud will be proportion uniformly transfered to reuse. According to the inner dimension of the tank, the length of the shaft and the diameter of the blade would be made accordingly. It will be better to design an stabilizer for the shaft when the shaft length over 1.8m.

Mud Agitator Bottom Tank Stabilizer

One function of the Mud gun is the same with mud agitator, the drilling mud sprayed from the mud gun nozzle will stir the drilling mud everywhere of the tank conner. Powered by the mixing pump, mud gun also play the role to transfer the weighted mud to each tank compartment so that the recycling would be a reality. GN new design mud gun is of elegant appearance with 3 polyurethane nozzles which make sure the long life of the mud gun.

GN New Design Mud Gun

Besides the mud mixing system, mud agitator and mud gun also would be used in drilling mud storage tank, functioned to prevent the drilling mud sedimentation. Though not the most important equipments in the mud system, mud agitator and mud gun are the indispensable devices. Any request, welcome contact with GN team for more information.

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