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May 19

Oil rig desander

Desander is widely used in oil rig drilling mud processing, HDD rig fluid recycling, slurry separation unit, etc.  Oil rig desanders have many types and models.

According to present experience and clients preference we found many clients like desander without bottom shaker better. You see, in Middle east.

The desander sent to Kuwait, they requested desanders without bottom shaker. And this lot desander is for work over oil rig solids control

Middle East Oil Rig Desander

Middle East Oil Rig Desander

How to construct desanders?

Actually, oil rig desander is easy to be constructed. We firstly need to know the main parts on it. Including desander cones 8″, 10″, or 12″. Presently, users prefer 10″ desander cone for oil rig mud processing.

Then, for the base frame on it, the necessary pipelines including mud input line, output line, connection flanges, etc.

Getting above main parts we need to confirm the detail. Including technique specs, treating capacity requirement, dimension and pressure rated. Also the matching mud centrifugal pump

Above listed issues will require produce drawing to support and then come to manufacture activity

Oil rig Desander price for Middle east

Different clients or user will have different demand on every equipments. The oil rig desanders request relative differential factor. Consider price must consider all of above listed matters. But if the equipment is modular or standard one we’ll offer clients same price no matter in Middle east or other  places

To know more information or exact price on GN Desanders, or oil rig Desilters? Just forget you are in Middle east or any regions. Please contact GN freely. Even if you need prices on other mud equipments including shale shaker, centrifuge, mud agitator.

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