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Jan 16

2 sets mud agitator are waiting to be delivered to Muscat, Oman. Different from our standard agitator, the prime future of these 2 sets agitators is that they have a very long rotationg shaft which is of 3.3 meters.

mud tank agitator

mud tank agitator

Our customer will apply the agitators on the cylindrical tanks with depth near 4 meters. The agitator is consist of 15KW electrical motor, gear box and shaft with double impellers. The 3.3 meters long shaft is devided into 2 sections, in order to easy transportation and different purpose in operating. The double layer 950mm diameter impeller is designed as movable as per the customer’s requirements, the joint point of the shaft is between the 2 layers impeller, after removeing the down half section, the agitator still could work.

During the communication with our customer, we suggest to install the stabilizer for the agitator to prevent the shaking when the shaft rotating. Considering there is pipeling opening at the bottom of the tank, our customer design the stabilizer impending with the supports connecting with the tank wall, and they will produce by theirself.

Now the agitator is waiting for delivery, if you have requests for our mud agitator and other solids control equipments, just feel free to contact with us.

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