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Dec 28

GNZS703E is a 3-panel single deck shale shaker with linear motion. The shaker model is designed and made by GN leading solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control. GNZS703E is the latest design of GN 3 panel single deck shaker.

Applications of GNZS703E shale shaker

1) The shaker can be used for oil and gas drilling, used as the first step solids control equipment.

2) The shaker model can be used in compact mud recycling system for horizontal directional drilling (short name: HDD), water well drilling, coal bead methane (also called CBM drilling).

It can also be used in other underground construction system as pre-separation, to remove the solids.

GN shale shaker

Extended models of GNZS703E shale shaker per different feeding type

Option 1 is top feeder; relative shaker model is GNZS703E-DZ.

It is designed for oil and gas drilling field. As in oil and gas drilling field, the dirty mud from well head will be transferred by pumps through pipelines. They do not use mud pit for storage. And mud pumped from well head will flow to the shale shaker feeding box through the pipelines and fall down directly to shale shaker under the gravity.

In this case, the back feeding type can reduce the height for feeding.

Option 2 is back feeder. It is specially designed for HDD and water well drilling.

As in HDD, CBM or water welling drilling, the system is compact and mud tank will not be big side. Top type feeding shaker is with a smaller footprint. East for layout.

In this kind of drilling, there is commonly a mud pit around the drilling rig. The dirty mud from well head will be pumped to mud pit first , and then transferred to mud system shale shaker by a slurry pump.

Other application of GNZS703E shale shaker

The shale shaker can be combined with desander cone assembly and/or desilter cone assembly to used as desander separator, desilter separator or mud cleaner.

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