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Sep 26

If you need Linear motion shale shaker, balanced elliptical shale shaker, Tandem shale shaker, Mud cleaner, desander, desilter, pls contact GN soldis control for more information.

GN solids control

GN solids control

GNPS series balanced elliptical shale shaker is the  fourth generation patented shale shaker introduced by GN and Southwest Petroleum University. It is the top advanced shale shaker in the world.  

      ● In 2009,This Shaker research project got approval from National Technology Commission and gets the “National Technology Progress” Award.        

      ● GNPS balanced elliptical shale shaker designed from uneven diameter principle, and applied patent successfully; comparing with oversea famous companies’ even diameter principle, both theoretically and practically, GN patented shaker is better.                

      ● For treating the oil drilling fluids, the balanced elliptical motion shaker is 20%-30% bigger then linear motion shaker, discharging speed is 10%-20% faster; For resisting the “screen stuck”, “screen paste” “horseshoe effect” ,the balanced elliptical motion shaker is much more effective.

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