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Apr 14

Drilling waste management is giving more and more attention as the raising consciousness of Environment protection. GN has already seen this trend, so, after large investment of funds and man power, the vertical cutting dryer of GN brand came true.

Many person may know solids control very much, but drilling waste management is complete new to them. Here, let’s start our theme from a question.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer

Do you know how person treat the drilling cutting discharged from Shale shaker installing on the mud tank system? As there is still too much liquid contained in the cuttings, so it is hard to transport or bury them. Therefore, we need separate the solids and liquid again.

Vertical cutting dryer could be regarded as a vertical centrifuge, the discharged cuttings transfered by the auger get into the Vertical cutting dryer from the opening on the top, under the function of centrifugal force produced by rotation of the screen module. Liquid flow out from the opening at the flank side while the solids discharged out from the outlet at the bottom of the cutting dryer. The discharged solids water content is around 30%, that means there is no flowing water, so it could be transported easily.

The liquid out from Vertical cutting dryer firstly collected in a catch tank, then transfered by monopump to a horizontal centrifuge for furthe treatment.

GN Show Cutting Dryer at CIPPE

GN is one of the few manufacturer of solids control equipments in China who could both produce Vertical cutting dryer and Hi G Dryer, for more information, welcome contact GN.

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