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Feb 19

In this article, we will mainly introduce the wide application of Shear Pump manufactured by GN Solids Control.


As we know, Shear Pump is specially used for shearing the high-molecular polymer and bentonite, which need to be fully sheared by the Shear pump before entering the drilling fluids system, then their functions could be fully played and improve the property of drilling fluids. If the high-molecular polymer and bentonite are not fully sheared, the polymer will block the screen in the first time circulation and massive polymer will be lost and increase the drilling cost.


As what showed in below picture, GNJQB series Shear Pump is specially designed for meeting to quickly configure and get high-performance drilling fluids. After been fully sheared by the Shear Pump, the high-molecular polymer could be more easily mixed and hydrated in the fluids and shorten the configuration time, thus improving the quality and efficiency of configuration drilling fluids.


GN Shear Pump

The Advantages of GN Shear Pump

1). Belt-driven and has a compact structure;

2). Special design with the impeller, a wider flow passage and smooth vanes design make the pump has a larger flow area and fluids could pass smoothly. Compared with similar products, the work efficiency is effectively improved and energy is saved more than 10%.

3). Thicker pump shell than normal one, with rational flow rate and occurring less turbulence;

4). The pump shell and impeller are made of high wear resistant cast irons with longer service life;

5). The shear pump has higher strength that can reduce shaft deflection and extend the service life of seals;

6). The Shaft is lubricated by lubricants or grease. The oil seal is made of special structure and material, which is suitable for high and low temperatures and complicated environment;

7). Front opening structure design, convenient for installation, repair and maintenance.


Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us. http://www.gnsolids.com/

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