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May 30

About the Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit (shorted as “DCSU”) that manufactured by GN Solids Control, in this article we will mainly introduce its working principle.


Before showing its working principle, firstly let us know its main application and treatment material.

05043_副本Usually, the DCSU is used as the 2nd-step treatment measure with the drilling waste, mainly it is used for treating the drilling cuttings and realize cuttings’ solidification.

During the Drilling Waste Management, the 1st-step is to use the High-G shaker and Centrifuge (for water-based waste); Vertical Cuttings Dryer and Centrifuge (for oil-based waste). After the 1st-step’s treatment, the liquid-content (water, oil) in the drilling cuttings will be decreased effectively.


In order to reduce the cuttings’ hazard to the environment, now the DCSU will be used, here below is its working principle:


  • Drilling Waste Collection hopper collects all the drilling cuttings, then they will be moved to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor under the hopper. The capacity is based on pre-set.
  • Through the screw conveyor under the cement storage box, the cement is also sent to the mixing chamber based on pre-set capacity;
  • The same for the absorber, which is sent to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor;
  • On the mixing chamber, there are 2 inlets: 1is for feeding water, the other is for feeding the chemicals;
  • There are high-shear mixer in the mixing chamber, which can mix all the materials sent into the chamber. After the cuttings and other waste are mixed sufficiently with the cement and chemicals, solidification happens and finally they are discharged out from the mixing chamber;


The solidified drilling cuttings can be used as the construction material or the hazard to the environment can be effectively reduced even though the solidified cuttings are disposed directly.


Finally, sincerely welcome to contact us for any need about the equipments or system, GN can make the customized solution for you.



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